Amazing Sea Of Golden Flower -Belok Village

The amazing Marigold flower

If you are looking for one of the most interesting and natural attractions, the Flower Garden Gem (Marigold) in “Dusun Belok” can be one of the wishlist on your journey. Marigolds are significant in Balinese culture as Sang “Hyang Widhi Wasa”, the Supreme Balinese God. Usually used for daily offerings in Bali – fresh Marigold, rice and incense make the perfect set, seen with beautiful handmade offerings everywhere.

What Can You do in The Flower Garden “Gemitir” (Marigold) ?

If you are out for a slightly different scene, this golden ocean will surely make you whip your camera to capture the memories of your great (free) Bali adventure.In the Flower Garden “Gemitir” (Marigold) you can capture the moment by taking pictures with family, spouse or friends in the area of ​​the park. You can also buy the flowers directly from farmers and can also be used as a souvenir. The beauty of the flowers (Marigold) and the coolness of this air can refreshing your mind.


Approximately 10 kilometers north of the “Tukad Bangkung” bridge, you begin entering the “Dusun Belok” area. fields along the roadside between “Bedugal” and “Kintamani” and simply had to add this in. Dusun Belok is one of the hamlets located in the village of “Belok Sidan”. “Dusun Belok” offers several sights that are perfect for eliminating your tiredness from the city crowd, with the exotic and romantic atmosphere presented by the beautifully flowered garden flower garden (Marigold).


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