Penglipuran : Cleanest Traditional Bali Village In The World

Bali Penglipuran is Cleanest Traditional Village Which is Untouchable By The Modernization Era

When you’ve been living in a crowded neighborhood. The sights you see are tall buildings. You must feel the fatigue. I will inform you the cleanest place in the world. Penglipuran Village in Bali is one of the three cleanest villages in the world.
The place presents beautiful scenery, green, clean, and the building is still traditional. Fresh air will you squeeze every morning. You will feel relaxed and this place will be your beautiful escape. This place is certainly very different from the others. This is the only one in the world

What Is The Unique Character Of  Penglipuran Village?

Penglipuran village is a traditional village which has their own character. The village in Bangli Sub-district, Bali, is indeed known as a clean village and keeps the traditional life. The houses in this village are still in traditional style. The village streets are made of natural stone and decorated with flowers.
When visiting this village, we will not see rubbish thrown away carelessly. As a visitor, we should not throw garbage carelessly.
Uniquely again, Penglipuran Village is pollution free. Vehicles such as motorcycles and cars are prohibited from entering the village area. There we will see the village with a beautiful atmosphere and breathe fresh air that is rarely found in big cities.

When you have the opportunity to visit the Village Penglipuran, you can see the houses there are very neat, has the same architecture between buildings.
Similarities between buildings can be seen from the gate, the roof of the house, the wall that uses bamboo to angkul-angkul. Angkul-angkul is a typical Balinese door that is only enough for one adult.
Both the outside and the inside, all made exactly the same. Visitors can enjoy the traditional Balinese atmosphere of the village. Since there is no motor vehicle, we have to walk around this village. There are about 200 traditional-style houses in this village, lined up neatly on the uphill streets. The streets are made of natural stone and many colorful flowers grow around the village. Motorbikes and cars are prohibited from entering this village so Penglipuran is free from air pollution.

There are some rules in the Penglipuran Village

In Penglipuran Village,  hygiene is something that is regulated explicitly. Everything related to cleanliness is the responsibility of each person.
If you want to smoke, do not be careless. Not all places in the Village Penglipuran is an area that is allowed to place smoking. You should find out the places provided for smoking, as quoted

In every house, street, even ditch, there is not a single plastic waste and household waste scattered about.
In fact, in every corner is also available trash can. This environmental cleanliness has been guarded Penglipuran Village residents since several years ago.
To maintain cleanliness, local villages make regulations on sanctions of offerings at the local village temple.



Jalan Rambutan, Gang III A1, No. 6, Bangli, Kawan, Kubu, Kec. Bangli, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali 80613. Penglipuran Village is in Kubu Village, Bangli District, Banglo District. The location is in Kintamani or Mount Batur.



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