(Bengkala) Deaf Village, Where Everyone Speaks Sign Language

The people in Bengkala communicate in “kata kolok”, a type of sign language that’s unique to the area

There is a village inhabited by deaf people. When you  visited Bali, you tend to rely on English, which many locals can speak. Fewer visitors have mastered Indonesian, the official language. Balinese is hardly spoken among those who aren’t natives. “Kata kolok“, known as “the talk of the deaf,” is a unique, rural sign language, independent of international or Indonesian sign language. It’s been the primary mode of communication in the northern Bali jungle village of Bengkala for generations, where a high percentage of residents are deaf. In Balinese, Bengkala is sometimes called “Desa Kolok”

Kolok language, known as “the talk of the deaf,” is a unique, rural sign language.

Kolok people themselves have worked as farmers, coolies and dancers. Marriage between Kolok people often in this village, where the descendants will be deformed, mute and deaf.

Bengkala people’s livelihoods in general, Kolok’s livelihoods, among others, as farmers, construction laborers and security, and because of its limitations, Kolok people from small to adult do not have formal education.

In daily communication, “Kolok” people uses sign language, all Bengkala residents are regarded as signals, whether they are deaf or not, uniquely, they are not Kolok, fluent letters, More Likes to use sign language

Converted to international standard sign language in communications for hearing and speech impaired, Kolok sign language is much simpler and can be learned in a relatively short period of time.

The Phenomenon Of Kolok In Bengkala Village.

The village of Bengkala in Kubutambahan sub-district, Buleleng, Bali.

According to the Head of Bengkala Village, Kubutambahan Sub-district of Buleleng Regency, Singaraja, Made Astika, the origin of Kolok originated from the 1940s, where in his village appeared a kolok. Citizens themselves believe, this kolok is a spell of spirits and is estimated in this village Bengkala Kolok number of 40 souls from 2275 inhabitants in the village.  Bengkala has had a higher than normal deaf-since-birth population for over seven generations. Today, 42 of Bengkala’s almost-3,000 villagers have been deaf since birth. By comparison, about two or three births per 1,000 in the United States produce a deaf or hard of hearing child. For years, villagers believed the deafness was the result of a curse.




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