Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2016


Every years ubud village create music concert, it is Ubud Village Jazz Festival . Ubud Village Festival on 2013 is our first Ubud Village Jazz Festival in Bali.  In this festival devoted to jazz manifold. And this year the festival held on 12th – 13th  August 2016 in ARMA Museum Ubud and this festival gate from 3 pm. Ubud Village Jazz Festival is a music festival situated in the artistic surroundings of Ubud Bali, Indonesia. The event will bring together a lineup of Jazz artists from Indonesia and the Globe. Ubud Village Jazz Festival also facilitates a workshop of local and National music educators to investigate ways of getting more young people interested in playing Jazz. Ubud Village Jazz Festival is an annual international jazz festival and empowered by communities. Acclaimed legendary jazz musicians from Indonesia such as the lady of jazz and blues with career spanning more than 40 years Margie Segers, the master of swing Oele Pattiselano, Glen Dauna (with sons Rega and Indra) performing as The Daunas, Jeffrey Tahalele and Arief Setiadi. For the first time in Indonesia Youn Woo Park from South Korea will enliven Ubud  Village Jazz Festival 2016.

Untitled-2In Ubud Village Jazz Festival not just music concert, but there are 26 booth for foods, beverages and bali handocraft. Provided three stage performances on the theme is different in each stage. Rice Stage inspired by the tradition of agriculture bali, Giri Stage symbolized the greatness of agung mountain, and Subak Stage symbolized the famous Balinese irrigation system. Supported and reinforced by most of the local communities, Ubud Village Jazz Festival has become one of the most respected jazz festivals in Southeast Asia. Ubud Village Jazz Festival is entirely reliant on a very small group of volunteers, the event taking almost 1,000 volunteer man-hours to organize. It is their exceptionally hard work and dedication that brings Borough residents and visitors into the Town, boosting the local economy, creating an event that Ubud residents would say is one of the most enjoyable in the calendar. If you like music with jazz manifold, you must come and witness  ubud village festival 2016.




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